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Online Path Puja is an online platform for your all religious & spiritual needs. In current environment, it brings a solution to fulfil your almost every spiritual need.

Hinduism is not a religion but the way of life. It’s an ocean of wisdom embedding social, economic, psychological, philosophical& spiritual aspect of life in most scientific way. We could identify that many rituals were purely scientific in that time & mostly have same relevance in current scenario too. Still a class is not able to relate or hesitate to relate because it doesn’t have sufficient information of back it up. At Online Path Puja, it’s our consistent endeavour to bring that spiritual & scientific wisdom in public to make each human being knowledgeable about our heritage. A significant portion of our strength goes into such research.

Our core efforts to provide convenient ways for all your religious needs.

Prasad of Temples, Darshan Assistance, Yagya Puja at Varanasi, Yagya Puja at specific temples, bhoj, Kundili & Vastu support. 

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E-Mail : contact@onlinepathpuja.com

Phone : 9911937751 (Mobile / Whats App / Viber)

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