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  • “You” means, The person browsing or using our Website for any purpose.
  • “Website” represents
  • “Use” means browsing, accessing, sourcing information/data using
  • “Customer” means anyone who is taking any kind of free/paid service from Website or Path Pooja as a Company
  • “We”, “Us”, “Our Team”, “Company” mean Path Pooja as a company.
  • “Product” means any physical product available on our Website
  • “Perishable Product” means Prashad& any other product ordered with it (Prashad Packages).
  • “Non-perishable Product” means any physical product excluding Prashad Packages
  • “Service” means packages not covered under Products.

We respect your association & if you have put a request for wrong Product / Service or don’t want ordered Product / Service, you can E-mail us within 24 hours of placing order. In all such cases We will refund your full amount without question. A feedback / reason will be appreciated to ensure consistent improvement & optimum customer satisfaction.

If you cancel the order for any physical delivery Product( likePrashad, or Products covered under “Pooja Products” category or Any other product which requires physical delivery) after 24 hours but before shipping of product, we will refund your full amount.

If you return any shipped nonperishable Productwithout receiving it, we will refund full amount excluding courier charges & transaction charges. Cancellation / return of Prashad is not at all allowed once its shipped & will not apply any kind of refund.

No cancellation of any Product is allowed after receiving it. It’s because of simple reason that Prashad is perishable product & other non-perishable products too will not be offered to anyone. We understand that each customer wants a totally fresh product & use by any previous buyer even for some time may have some adverse significance. Since we ensure totally new & unused product offering to buyers, such returns may not have desired value to next buyer.

If You find any Product which is not properly packed or tampered or in bad condition, we request You not to accept the Product & inform us on +91-9911937751 or

If You have not mentioned any occasion date for any Service, It will be by default treated as between 1 day to 1 week slot.

For any clarification on Our Cancellation Policy, You can write Us on

Any kind of applicable refund will be done within 15 days from cancellation of order. For any clarification on Our Privacy Policy, You can write Us on
  • You” means, The person browsing or using our Website for any purpose.
  • “Website” represents
  • “Use” means browsing, accessing, sourcing information/data using
  • “Customer” means anyone who is taking any kind of free/paid service from Website or Path Pooja as a Company
  • “We”, “Us”, “Our Team”, “Company” mean Path Pooja as a company.
  • “Privacy Policy” defines the terms which customer agreeing while using our Website.

Path Pooja value Your association & trust & put our consistent efforts to ensure a very high level of data security & privacy of Your personal information available with us.

Privacy Policy is subjected to change &We keep on updating itwithout any notice. We request You to check it periodically & while using our Website to be updated oncurrentPrivacy Policy& information.

If You are disagreeing or have any difference/conflict/confusion on any Privacy term/information/content published on the, We request You not to use the Website for any purpose& close it immediately. By visiting this Website, You are unconditionally agreeing with the all Privacy terms & policies of the Website.

It’s our consistent endeavor to enhance user experience & service. To ensure it, Wegather & maintain a record of various information gathered while You are visiting the Website or providingvoluntarily. Such information can be used for research, enhance user experience, recommendations, servicing, suggestions or any related activities. By visiting our Website or by sharing any personal information in any form, You are unconditionally allowing us to gather Your personal information & maintain the records of it. If You are not comfortable / convinced / agree with any of the forms /page or any part of Website, We sincerely request You not to share the information & leave the Website immediately. You always have option not to share Your information in forms or not to visit our Website. The information We store could be like: Information shared by You in forms/format, Your server IP address, browserYou are using, Your activities & interests, operating system or any other shared/provided/available information which may be relevant in enhancing business/service/user experience or any relevant activity. Some of these information may be shared with our business associates / partners / employees / relevant authorities as & when required or useful for business or customer for some specific purposes. By submitting / sharing Your personal information, You authorize us to contact Youthrough E-mail, Mobile No of any other channel of communication for product, service delivery andpromotions.We may store such informationalong withYour browsing behavior, order pattern, delivery details, some credit card /debit card or any other payment instrument details which may be used for service, promotion, product delivery or any other business related purpose. Time to time, We may ask You to participate in certain surveys where in, along with Your inputs We may capture some other information related to Your demographic location, browser, operating system & some other information. Such information can be used by us for our any kind of business activity.
Cookies are small files which may automatically get saved on Your computer hard disk. You can stop cookies from saving on Your computer drive by making necessary setting changes in Your browser. If You block cookies through browser setting but then it may have some adverse impact on Your Website experience. We may use cookies data to enhance user experience / research or other internal usages. While You are visiting the Website, some ofYour information may be directly / indirectly captured/ automatically stored by server (which may be third party / outsourced) in the form on cookies / log file or any other form which may be used by outsourced service provider.
It’s our consistent endeavor to ensure to put best of our capabilities to ensure best possible security solution
As part of business, third party business links may be shared on our Website. When You click the advertisement link, You may be directed to some external link where this PRIVACY POLICIES will not be applied & that another Link/Website may obtain/store/download some information directly from Your computer. We do not have control over external links so clicking on such links is solely Your decision &We don’t recommend any external advertisement/product/service/link. For any clarification on Our Privacy Policy, You can write Us on
Prasad will be dispatched withing 3 days from receiving the order if offering date is not mentiuoned. After offering it will be dispatched withing 2 days of offering. Other products will also be dispatched within 3 days if available in stock.
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